Our trees

Lopping the trees is a very important job which is needed for the best growth of the olive tree. It entails cutting off the superfluous, dead or sick branches so that they will grow better the next year. Moreover, the sunlight improves the quality of the fruit and its capacity to produce.


Our olive tree fields are also fertilized. We fertilize our plantations to improve their quality in order to make olive trees grow well on it, by spreading chemical mixture on it.


Apart from fertilizing and lopping the trees, manuring them is also really important. Artificial manure is spread on the ground in order to make trees grow healthy and strong.


All these activities are essential to achieve the best results in our final product: the olive oil.


Although our lands are situated in a dry region, our trees are irrigated by a drip system. The implementation of this system has been possible thanks to the construction of the Algerri-Balaguer channel. Our olive trees grow on an irrigated land.


Olive type arbequina

Harvest time

We start picking the olives in November and we finish the 6th of January approximately.


How we harvest

All the Farré family helps with the harvest. We use scrapers, banches and large clothe in which the olives fall. However, since the progressive growth of our plantations, we have a machine which shakes the trees and the harvest is much easier.


The mill  

Once the harvest is finished, we take the olives to the mill. There we produce the olive oil using mechanical means always in a cold line. The result is olive oil of 0.4 degrees of sourness.

Different stages can be distinguished during the production line. In the mill the olives are cleaned and weighted. Then, they are crushed. Finally, the pit is separated.

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